agiAdvanced Geosciences, Inc (AGI) is a high-tech manufacturer of geophysical imaging systems based in Austin, Texas, USA.  AGI has been active since 1989 producing state-of-the-art products including the SuperSting Wi-Fi, PowerSting,PowerSting Nodes, MiniSting R1, Swift Dual-Mode Smart Electrodes (US patent 6,404,203), AGI Marine Graphite Electrodes (US Patent 6,674,286), and EarthImager 2D and 3D resistivity and IP inversion modeling software.


AGI is the leading developer and manufacturer of both hardware and software for electrical resistivity and IP imaging.  All engineering and manufacturing is in Austin, Texas USA.  This allows for industry leading technical support (free at any time), calibration and repair turn-around time and rapid development of customized equipment and software. Comprehensive Training Seminars are offered both in Austin and at customer sites.  AGI instruments and modeling software are delivered to all continents with customers in the USA, Canada, South America, Asia and Europe.  AGI customers include government labs, universities, research institutions, mineral exploration companies, water drilling companies and environmental and engineering firms. AGI systems and software have been used in both applied projects as well as theoretical research projects.  There are now over 700 peer reviewed journal articles published that utilize AGI resistivity/IP/SP systems and software. AGI resistivity and IP imaging systems are used for:

  • Subsurface site characterization (2D and 3D imaging, tomography and ERT)
  • Groundwater exploration
  • Cave, void and sinkhole location
  • Depth to bedrock determination
  • Landslide hazard mapping
  • Marine 2D and 3D surveys (boat towed and stationary)
  • Lithology mapping
  • Mineral exploration
  • Archaeological site investigation
  • Detection of free products of non-aqueous phase liquids (NAPL)
  • Monitoring of in-situ remediation processes such as ammonia injection, desication, vitrification, steam injection, pumping and air-sparging
  • Monitoring of subsurface processes such as pump tests, CO2 injection, groundwater recharge, infiltration, saltwater intrusion, tunneling, dam leakage and mining operations

List of Product [Click to view]:

  1. SuperSting R8 IP 8 Channel Memory Earth Resistivity and IP Meter
  2. SuperSting 8 Channel Marine Earth Resistivity IP Meter
  3. SuperSting Electrical Imaging System with WIFI
  4. SuperSting R1 IP Memory Earth Resistivity
  5. MiniSting Earth Resistivity Meter
  6. AGI EarthImager 2D
  7. AGI EarthImager 3D
  8. AGI Remote Control for SuperSting
  9. AGI Switch Box