GEOPHYSICS Range of Products :

INDONESIA Authorized Agent :

Multi-Channel Automatic Resistivity/IP Meters, SuperSting with Wi-Fi, Streaming Potential Meter, Power Sting & Remote Controll Monitoring, Proton Precision Magnetometer, Potassium Optical Pumped Magnetometer/Gradiometers, Airborne, Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) for the Early Detection and Continuous Monitoring Archeology, Heritage and Bridge Restoration, Determine Uranium (U, K, Th), Borehole Shuttle Logging, Acoustic Borehole Imager, Slimhole Acoustic Televiewer, Gamma Ray Spectrometer, Natural Gamma and WellCAD Image Processing Software 2D/3D Seismic Exploration & Integrated Seismic Monitoring, Professional Seismic Source, Drill Cores Scanner, Gamma Ray Surveyor (Surface/Borehole), Conductivity Meters, Susceptibility Meters Geoelectric Power Sounder, Airborne and Marine Gravimeters, Gravity Meter, Tilt Meter, Audio/Radio Magnetotellurics (MT/AMT/RMT/CSMT) Seismic Building Monitoring, Seismic Network Controller Center, Earthquake Monitoring System, Seismic Recorderand 24-Bit Strong and Low Motion Accelerographs (Advanced National Seismic System)