Aladdin is a highly portable dual polarized radar for examining the internal structure and features, both near the surface and at depth, within concrete and masonry. It can provide 2D and 3D images of objects in concrete such as shallow and deep rebars, voids, pipes and cables. It can also enable the inspection of concrete for thickness and integrity as well as provide 2D and 3D location of rebars and cables…

Stream C

Stream C is the compact array solution for real-time 3D mapping of underground utilities and features. Thanks to increased level of accuracy provided by a massive antenna array, Stream C is able to automatically detect pipes and cables. Daily use of Stream C is aided by ergonomic features including electronic ride height adjustment, options to tow manually or with a small vehicle and a motor assisted drive wheel. Stream C is available in both Basic and Advanced confi gurations.


Construction and service companies as well as civil and structural engineers can improve the way they locate rebars, voids, post-tension cables, cavities, conduits and any other objects buried in the structure before cutting or drilling into the concrete.
• Dual antenna polarisation for the optimal detection of both first and deeper levels of rebars;…

Opera Duo

The complexity of underground utility network is continually increasing. Obtaining precise informations of subsoil conditions is more and more crucial to increase safety by lowering the risk of accidents caused by utilities rupturing during excavation, pipe deterioration and geologic risks. Opera Duo is the First-Class Ground Penetrating Radars (GPR) for locating underground pipes and cables of any material…


RIS Hi-BrigHT is a unique ground penetrating radar (GPR) solution specialized for the early detection of deterioration in concrete bridge decks. Due to its innovative design and sophisticated software tool, RIS Hi-BrigHT revolutionizes GPR bridge inspection, allowing:
• Measurement of pavement, concrete slab and asphalt thickness.
• Location of reinforcement cover depth and thickness…


RIS MF Hi-Mod is a robust high performance multi-use ground penetrating radar system capable of scanning large areas in a short period of time and providing an accurate 3D view of the subsoil with a high resolution and depth of penetration. RIS MF Hi-Mod provides a complete end-to-end solution from the initial data acquisition in the field to final output production in the form of CAD or GIS maps. RIS MF Hi-Mod’s software includes automated…

RIS Hi-Pave

RIS Hi-Pave is a ground penetrating radar solution designed for high speed road and/or runway assessment surveys. The system is able to operate with several antennas at the same time providing a complete assessment of conditions, including:
• Pavement thickness measurement.
• Surface, base and sub-base road course assessment.
• Detection of cavities, voids and delamination…

RIS One & RIS Plus

The RIS One & RIS Plus system represents a versatile approach to the professional requirements of subsurface profiling.
The system meets a wide range of needs with a large variety of antennas which can be set up in either a single or multi- channel configuration with a number of single or dual frequency antennas in a chain connection. Applications that RIS
One & RIS Plus can be used for, include:

SRS SafeRailSystem

SRS is an integrated radar array system specifically designed for the inspection of railway ballast quality and to aid with the restoration and maintenance process. SRS offers a non-destructive train mounted solution which can be operated at high speed (over 300km/h), doesn’t require crews working on the track and doesn’t entail line temporary closures. It provides a continuous inspection of ballast thickness, locates areas with insufficient bearing capacity, …

Stream EM

Stream EM is a vehicle towed radar solution for extensive 3D mapping of underground utilities and features. To accomplish this task it uses massive arrays of multi-polarized, multi-frequency antennas. The use of a massive array enables it to perform fast scans of large areas while maintaining a high level of accuracy. Being multi-polarized provides optimal detection of both longitudinal and transversal features without the need to perform multiple scans.

Stream X

Stream X is a vehicle towed ground penetrating radar solution for extensive 3D mapping of buried structures and geological features. With its 2 m wide swath, high speed and unsurpassed resolution, Stream X is the ideal solution for mapping large archaeological sites, detecting underground structures, pipes and tanks, identifying and mapping cavities or even locating unexploded ordnance.