REF TEK Seismic Product Portfolio

REF TEK equipment is designed for unmanned field-portable seismic recording. Because of the large number of international cooperative experiments REF TEK products have supported, all REF TEK equipment has been used in every climatic extreme for applications including digital telemetry, broadband, short-period, and strong motion applications.

REF TEK equipment is proven to be heat, humidity, and dust tolerant…

REF TEK Wrangler Seismic Recorder

The all-new REF TEK® WranglerTM seismic recorder offers powerful performance with the latest seismic measurement technology in a lightweight and easy to use housing. Whether your deployment is a portable or permanent installation, the flexible configuration delivers reliable, robust data from geophysical sensors when and where you need it.


REF TEK Colt Broadband Seismometer

The compact REF TEK® ColtTM broadband seismometer provides high quality data for scientists conducting earth movement studies.
Low Self-Noise
Using a force-balance electronic feedback circuit design, the REF TEK Colt has exceptionally low self-noise allowing it to better measure ground motion even at the quietest sites…

REF TEK The Aswan Dams

The Dams Control The Annual Floods, Have Increased Cultivable Land By 30%, and Provides Approximately Half of Egypt’S Power. The Dams are of Such Strategic Importance to The Egyptian People That The National Research Institute of Astronomy and Geophysics (Nriag) Invested In Structural Monitoring Technology In Order to Record Seismic Activity In The Area…

REF TEK Duo Seismic

A packages of seismographs that includes broadband sismometers (REF TEK Colt) and seismic recorders (REF TEK Wrangler)